Using Bioactive Materials - Dr. John C. Comisi
The Battle of “De-Bond”/ the Dawn of Regeneration.

with John C Comisi, DDS, MAGD For years the dental profession has been struggling with providing effective long-term preventive and direct restorative solutions for our patients with resin-bonding of composite restorations. Why are there so many bonding agent generations? Why is the average life span of composite so low? The evidence is mounting that we may taken a “wrong turn” along this road and a new direction is needed. The scientific research is now moving toward the use of bioactive materials that can create biomineralization. There is a real need for the dental care provider to understand how to use the current materials, and why they are important in patient care now and to be prepared for future developments. Course Objectives:

  • Review the current state of the dental restorative process: why they succeed and why they fail.

  • Gain a true understanding of the current definition of bioactivity and the materials and mechanisms that can help you and our patients in daily dental care.

  • Learn if true remineralize of demineralized dentin structure can be accomplished.