The Balanced Oral Environment - Dr. John C. Comisi
The Balanced Oral Environment: Assessing, Restoring & Maintaining Dental Health.

Our lives have become very busy and stressful. Time does not always allow us the ability to take optimum care of ourselves. Each time we eat, the balance of the oral cavity becomes acidic, and typically becomes neutral when saliva is flowing typically. However, what happens if no ‘balance’ is reestablished?  

What do we as dental professionals do to help our patients cope and manage this disease process? What procedures, techniques and materials can we use the slow down the process and perhaps reverse it? How do we stop “one step forward, two steps back” game?

This course will explore the whole basis of patient care including: cariology, preventive care, diagnostics, minimally invasive dentistry periodontal management, and how bioactive materials can and should be considered for use in your dental practice.

  • The warning signs of imbalance in the oral cavity.
  • How to manage acidity.
  • How MMP’s are involved in the destructive process.
  • About bioactivity and its importance to dentistry today.
  • The agents and materials are available to help bring things back in ‘balance’.